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mf_celticfrost_mono.jpg (10.0 KB)
등록인 : deedee
등록일 : 2006/08/07
조회수 : 297
추천수 : 35 [추천하기]
  • Artist  Celtic Frost
  • Album Title  Monotheist
  • Date of Release  2006
  • MF Rating  ★★★☆
  • Genre  Rock
  • Styles  Death Metal/ Black Metal,Thrash,Heavy Metal,Symphonic Black Metal,Avant-garde
  • Type  
  • Tones  Suffocating, Hostile, Bleak, Malevolent, Gloomy, Menacing, Theatical, Aggressive
  • Label  Century Media

 ★ Track List

       1.  Progeny  (Ain, Fischer, Sesa) - 5:01  
       2.  Ground  (Fischer, Unala) - 3:55  
       3.  A Dying God Coming into Human Flesh  (Ain, Fischer, Unala) - 5:39  
       4.  Drown in Ashes  (Fischer) - 4:23  
       5.  Os Abysmi Vel Daath  (Ain, Fischer, Sesa, Unala) - 6:41  
       6.  Obscured  (Ain, Fischer, Unala) - 7:04  
       7.  Domain of Decay  (Ain, Fischer, Unala) - 4:38  
       8.  Ain Elohim  (Ain, Fischer, Sesa, Unala) - 7:33  
       9.  Triptych: Totengott  (Ain, Fischer) - 4:27  
       10.  Triptych: Synagoga Satanae  (Ain, Fischer, Sesa) - 14:24  
       11.  Triptych: Winter (Requiem, Chapter Three: Finale)  (Fischer) - 4:32

Performers :

Limited edition Digipak bonus track: 'Temple of Depression (5:00)'

Limited edition Gatefold Double LP bonus track: 'Incantation Against You (5:06)'

Vinyl Covers :

Produced by Celtic Frost and Peter Tägtgren

Recorded and engineered by Peter Tägtgren, Walter Schmid, Philipp Schweidler, and Erol Unala. Assistant engineering by Benjamin Schäfer, Arne Neurandt and This Schweizer.

Mixed by Peter Tägtgren, Walter Schmid, and Philipp Schweidler.

"Drown in Ashes" mixed by Peter Tägtgren and Tom Gabriel Fischer. "Winter (Requiem, Chapter Three)" and "Incantation Against You" mixed by Arne Neurandt and Tom Gabriel Fischer. "Totengott" mixed by Philipp Schweidler.

Recorded at Horus Sound Studio (Hanover, Germany), Oakland Recording (Winterthur, Switzerland), Celtic Frost Bunker (Zurich, Switzerland), Apollyon Sun Bunker (Zurich, Switzerland), Department of Noize (Kilchberg, Switzerland), FSK-18 (Winterthur, Switzerland), Transmutation (Thalwil, Switzerland), 2002 to 2005.

Mixed at Horus Sound Studio (Hanover, Germany), Oakland Recording (Winterthur, Switzerland), Department of Noize (Kilchberg, Switzerland), summer/autumn 2005.

Mastered by Walter Schmid at Oakland Recording (Winterthur, Switzerland), November/December 2005.

All Songs published by Diktatur des Kapitals.

Executive producers: Roland Brümmer, Martin Eric Ain, Tom Gabriel Fischer, for Prowling Death Records. Popkredit der Stadt Zürich.

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