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Iron Maiden

mf_iron_maiden.jpg (17.8 KB)

등록인 : deedee
등록일 : 2004/09/06
조회수 : 1666
추천수 : 163 [추천하기]
  • Formed  1975 in London 
  • Years Active  
  • Group Members  Bruce Dickinson (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Janick Gers (guitar), Adrian Smith (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Nicko McBrain (drums)
  • Genres  Rock
  • Styles  Heavy Metal, British Metal, New Wave of British Heavy Metal
  • Tones  Rowdy, Rousing, Rambunctious, Rebellious, Theatrical, Aggressive
  • Labels  EMI



Hit Vote Rev.
1980Iron Maiden316770
1980Running Free343820
1980Women In Uniform321650
1981Maiden Japan306720
1981Twilight Zone330690
1982Run To The Hills341570
1982The Number Of The Beast366650
1982The Number Of The Beast (Single)307760
1983Flight Of Icarus323710
1983Piece of Mind340730
1983The Trooper334760
19842 Minutes to Midnight331700
1984Aces High378770
1985Live After Death601781
1985Run To The Hills Live356810
1985Running Free Live351810
1986Somewhere In Time338760
1986Stranger In A Strange Land362560
1986Wasted Years372650
1988Can I Play With Madness399770
1988Seventh Son of a Seventh Son352700
1988The Clairvoyant329780
1988The Evil That Men Do324640
1989Infinite Dreams345720
1990Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter389710
1990Holy Smoke420620
1990No Prayer for the Dying425890
1992Be Quick or Be Dead379690
1992Fear of the Dark438860
1993A Real Dead One369720
1993A Real Live One506640
2005Death On The Road463780
2007A Matter of Life and Death6811120

  User's Comment

장동흥 ( 2004/09/07 )  
다시뭉친브루스디킨슨과에드리안스미스 브레이즈 데일리는 힘이없는 보컬이었는데 부루스가 다시뭉치고 스미스까지 상당히 파괴력잇고기교파다운 기타실력을 발휘하네요.


Best Albums

A Matter of Life and Death (2007)

Live After Death (1985)

Powerslave (1984)

A Real Live One (1993)

Death On The Road (2005)

Fear of the Dark (1992)

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